Nov 19, 2003
..Hey love, don't cry...I'm here forever...

//10 bands you've been listening a lot to lately:
1) A Perfect Circle
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Good Charlotte
4) Magadeath
5) Iron Madian
6) Alien Ant Farm
7) Faith and the Muse
8) Gorillaz
9) Infected Mushroom
10) Green Day

//09 things you look forward to:
1) The out door hockey games.
2) Drama practice.
3) Seeing Ian
4) Using Rainmaker
5) Work
6) Sleep
7) More Veggie food
8) X-Mas
9) New Years

//8 things you like to wear:
1) Long sleeved shirts
2) My Tee's
3) Rings
4) My fat pants
5) pj pants
6) cute socks
7) belly rings
8) Hoodies

//07 things that annoy you:
1) Prosatot's
2) People unloading problems on me
3) Most of my friends
4) Mr.B
6) Pepsi
7) Children

//06 things you say most days:
1) Fuck off
2) Asshole
3) Shut the fuck up
4) Fan-fucking-tastic
5) Leave me alone
6) DIE!

//05 things you do everyday:
1) Wake up
2) Go to school
3) Eat
4) Pee
5) Come home

//04 people you want to spend more time with:
1) Ian
2) Mattie
3) Corey
4) Kiwi

//03 movies you could watch over and over again:
1) The Virgin Suicides
2) Girl, Interupted
3) Darkness Falls

//02 of your favorite songs at the moment:
1) Sad Exchange | Finger Elven
2) Sleepy Maggie | Ashley MacIssac

//01 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1) Ian


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Nov 17, 2003
Tomorrow's should be banned

Dunno anymore.. Nadia is fuckin' startin' to piss me off big time. "It's my fault that Fred and Corey started to hit eachother." FUCK OFF!!! I'm so sick of it! How the fuck is it her fault?? If anything it would be Fred and Corey's.. NOT HERS!! She needs some serious fucking counceiling...

OH! And so does Muffin! He told her he loved her.. -Or so she says- and then talks trash about her behind her back.. Thanks Muffin, lovely boy you are..

Right now I don't care if I am offending.. Just can't take this FUCKING SHIT anymore..

*Looks over at the T.V* I think Ian will be glad I'm on the shot so he won't have to buy me period-like-parafonalia.


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Nov 16, 2003
Call me Supergirl

Food is good.. I love chicken... Chicken Goood...
Spent the night with Ian.. That was okay..
I'm depressed again..
Must mean I'm still a Teenie-Booper...
Just feel cold and un-satisfied....
He's always so tired.. Or sore...
What did I do??
Was I bad or something??
Does he really love me or is he saying that because he wants to get rid of me so he can find someone else?
Dunno anymore...
I saw 'Anger Mangement'... Good stuff..


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Nov 12, 2003
...These days are great...

And so are you...

I went out this eve.. I went down to the mall and had my appoitment at Curves... Nice place.. I wanna work out there.. It costs 139.00 my frist time thought... But I'll come up with the money fast.. I can go in when ever I want -once a day- and work out for an hour.. So if I do that everyday -six days a week- I'd be trim enough to look good in my prom dress.

I just have to eat right.

Check my page out fer piccas.


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Nov 11, 2003
Happy day after my birthday to me!

I've been 18 for two days now!!
Go I had loads of fun yesterday.
We went to Jungle Jim's for supper... Man I love the food there! It was my parents, grandparents and me. I recomend the Chicken Philly Sandwich, tres yummy. So was the cake.
Mom wanted me to open my gift from her and daddy hella bad! So I did and it was a digi-cam and Cat In The Hat sox! There was also some gum and 2 pack of those Fearo Rosha coco's! Tres ausome!
I also got money and went to Xcitment Video.. I got Ian a cock-ring.. Thank god!!
OH! He got me Finding Nemo! That is a AUSOME movie.
Anyway. Yesterday was the best birthday ever.. I got to be with everyone I loved!


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Nov 8, 2003
*Base line to Seven Nation Army*

I went and saw "Radio" tonight... I guess I liked it... Made me laugh and cry...
All in all it was good....
MY cat is acting like a kitten...
2 more days 'til I'm 18!!!

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Nov 7, 2003
Another day, another raciest.

Well the morning was GREAT! In second period we watched Michael Moore's "The Awful Truth"..It was the ep were he runs the ficus tree for a seat in congress. Goddess that was hella funny!!! Then we had to go to our Remembrance Day ceramony -which I don't mind at all.- because we have Monday and Tuesday off. So I'm sitting there in a crowded gym with Mattie and Nick, listening to this beautiful Native Ceramony when this racist little whore of a man says "I wish they would stop talking in their [insert racial slur here] language." I was almost down his throat when Mattie was holding me back. Now saying what this little bitch said wasn't smart for many reasons... One being he was sitting infront of at least 5 natives that could hear him plan as day. Two, so could or V.P Mr. MacTimminy and we have a zero tolerancy policy and Three every black, white, asain and hispanic in the school was gonna beat that boys ass down! Man.. His death would be sweet..

Anyway.. I think he got expelled..
I hope he did...


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Nov 5, 2003

That's what we talked about today at lunch... Sex and porn.. It was actually quite entertaining. Then in Creative Writting we talked about homopathy remedies... Yay! But the whole day I felt like a mindless zombie... Like I didn't belong.. Some of the little things made up for it, like Mike Hinez giving me a high five, my friends asking me to buy them porn... Just the little things.

I think dad's gonna get me a computer and a digi cam for christmas and a hub so we don't have to get a second cable line... I really want a digi cam.. Those are so ausome!! Lot's of piccas for me...

Not alot has really happenend today. I just know I don't wanna go to school tomorrow...


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Nov 4, 2003

Pretty font color..
I spent another day in bed.. I really needed it alot...
Just felt like updating....


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Nov 3, 2003
Bloody Mondays

Listening to: Happyness is a Warm Gun : Tori Amos

I didn't have the strenght or the courage to get up and go to school today, so I slept in and stayed home.
I talked to Josh lastnight. That was hella wicket! He has the cutest accent ever! I hope he'll call me back tonight or sometime.. I really like him!
Wow.. I really like him... That's odd..

Happiness is a warm gun
(bang, bang, shoot shoot)
Happiness is a warm gun
When I hold you in my arms
And I feel my finger on your trigger
I know nobody can do me no harm
Because happiness is a warm gun.
Yes it is.

I'm gonna go back to Kingdom Hearts now...


Posted at 02:24 pm by Anni
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